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Editors note:  Some of our readers may wonder why a story of this nature is published in our newsletters. We have done so to encourage prayer for children, like the girl the subject of this story, who are caught in the confusing world of homosexual, lesbian and transgender relationships. This is the kind of world that emerges when God is removed or ignored in the laws, statutes and behaviours of a nation.  As well as praying for the girl and others like her, pray also that we as a nation will come to our senses before we go any further down this track.   

A 7 year old Queensland primary school girl calls her step-parent both ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ after the woman became a transgender male, had her breasts removed and grew a beard.  The girl’s step-parent was once her biological mother’s lesbian lover for almost 3 years before leaving to live in a relationship with another transgender male.  In a hearing of the Family Court in Queensland, the transgender man referred to as ‘Mr Brown’ was applying for regular contact with his step-daughter following his separation from the girl’s mother.  Mr Brown and the child’s mother had an on-off relationship, during which the mother travelled overseas and was impregnated by a man, before the couple reunited.

The couple was together at the time of the girl’s birth and despite another, brief separation, the pair lived with the girl for some time. However, a month after holding a ‘commitment ceremony’, Mr Brown began identifying as transgender and began hormone treatment to prepare for sexual reassignment surgery to become a man. The Family Court heard a few months later Mr Brown told the girl he was undergoing a gender transition to male, and the couple separated. The mother and the children went to live in her parents’ home and initially Mr Brown spent a few nights a week with the children, until the mother reduced that time.

Mr Brown had begun a relationship with a transgender male and in 2012 changed the name on his birth certificate to a male given name, the court heard. A month later he underwent ‘gender affirming surgery’ to remove his breasts. Soon after, Family Court consent orders ruled the child live with the mother and the child spend two nights a week with Mr Brown. A family consultant told the court the child alternatively called Mr Brown ‘Dad’, ‘Mum’, or a European term for ‘my Mum’, or used Mr Brown’s male name. The child said Mr Brown felt like a father to her, but she suffered from anxiety and was stressed by the family situation.

Justice Garry Watts accepted the girl had a meaningful relationship with her mother and with Mr Brown, and made orders allowing him weekend and holiday time with the child, including that he be allowed to see her on Father’s Day. ‘I find that it is likely on balance that the child will see Mr Brown in the role of parent and because he has a beard she will in her mind probably over time accept him as a ‘father’ or ‘Dad’,’ Justice Watts said.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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Homosexuality could be raised in science classes, including human biology, under plans to address bullying in Western Australian schools. The idea is contained in a draft of the new Guidelines for Supporting Sexual and Gender Diversity in Schools.  The guidelines were developed to tackle homophobia in WA schools. It lists human biology among a list of subjects that which “provide opportunities to include content and themes related to diverse sexuality, sex and gender”. Other subjects include history and English. The draft guidelines also encourage teachers with same-sex partners to bring them to social events and schools to display posters celebrating sexual diversity.

The guidelines – shaped by the WA Equal Opportunity Commission and Education Department, as well as groups such as Gay and Lesbian Community Services WA – are expected to be rolled out later this year. University of WA gender studies chair Alison Bartlett said making lessons inclusive was a move in the right direction for schools. Curtin University sexology expert Rosemary Coates said sexuality education should be commenced as early as possible and taught by trained teachers and be age-appropriate.’’ She said. “It should include discussions about the range of sexual orientation, as well as teaching about personal integrity, mutual respect and how to develop equitable relationships.’’

WA is following in the footsteps of Victoria, which has a state-funded Safe Schools Coalition dedicated to creating safer learning environments for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex students and tackling gender-based bullying. Safe Schools Coalition Victoria co-ordinator Roz Ward said the group wanted an “overall more inclusive curriculum’’. “We need to protect all young people’s health and wellbeing,’’ Ms Ward said. Research released this month found two-thirds of non-heterosexual students have been bullied because of their sexuality and 16 per cent attempted suicide.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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Christian missionary John Short, recently held then released by North Korean authorities, knew the journey was risky, his wife said.  Mr Short, originally from South Australia but now living in Hong Kong, went to North Korea because it is such a dark and difficult place,” said his wife Karen Short. “Being a Christian missionary he wanted to show his empathy for the people there. He carried little booklets he had written himself, that he had people translate into the Korean language,” Mrs Short said. It is against North Korean law to spread religious material, and interaction between locals and foreigners is also poorly viewed.

Mrs Short admitted it was not the first time he had visited trouble spots, having travelled though Vietnam and Burma in more tense times in years past. “It’s not the easy places that need help,” she said. Mrs Short did not believe there was any link between her husband’s interrogation and the growing international concern for human rights in the republic. Last December an American 85-year-old Korean War veteran, was also in North Korean for a short time. A South Korean man, Kenneth Bae, was last year sentenced to 15 years prison in the northern republic

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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