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Mifepristone and misoprostol, the two components of the abortion inducing drug MS-2 Step, have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for use up to 63 days gestation, up from the previously approved 49 days. Dr Phillip Goldstone, medical director of Marie Stopes International Australia, the not-for-profit women’s health organisation which was granted approval by the TGA to market and distribute the drug through its subsidiary, MS Health, said the extension would give women more time to choose a medical rather than surgical abortion.

The extension comes as news has been received from the Northern Territory, detailed in a letter published online by the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA), that the major termination provider in the region has resigned from the public health system. NT women seeking public access to an abortion must now travel to the only hospital providing the service, Alice Springs Hospital. “The NT has always had very restricted abortion services”, Dr Goldstone told MJA. “Now it’s an even more restrictive environment.”

“The NT and South Australia only allow medical abortions in hospital settings,” he said. “We find that when given the choice, about 25% of women will opt for a medical abortion”, he said. Dr Goldstone said “Since the drug was made available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) about 18 months ago there had been a gradual increase in the number of GPs willing to prescribe it with the cost of the medications reducing from $400 before the PBS listing to $37.70 today. Professor Lyndal Trevena, professor of primary health care at the University of Sydney, warned that GPs wanting to provide medical abortions needed to have “good access to ultrasound services to exclude ectopic pregnancies”.

“They also need timely access to specialist services if there were any concerns”, she told MJA. The ACT allows medical abortions in private settings. NSW allows medical abortions for women less than 7 weeks pregnant provided by termination specialists or a trained GP. Victoria allows medical abortions by certified GPs. In Tasmania only private clinics can provide medical abortions. In Queensland, GPs can prescribe the drug if they complete an online training course.

Source: Medical Journal of Australia

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Many in Australia and New Zealand will this year be remembering what took place on the shores of Turkey and later France and Belgium 100 years ago. In Youth With A Mission (YWAM) our hearts have been stirred regarding Gallipoli and have felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to gather as Australia and New Zealand on the shores of the Mediterranean near Ephesus, from May 16-21st, 2015. We would like to invite you to join us. The gathering will include prayer and intercession for the region as well as teaching sessions from speakers.  Just as 100 years ago when we joined with England in our ties to the ‘Empire’ and fought a physical enemy, now again the battle is raging in the spiritual realm in this volatile region.

The Conference is designed to be a key in turning around the enemy’s agenda in this region. Cost is: $US300 – you pay your own air fares to get there. This includes conference, accommodation in share double or twin, food and beverage, tour of Ephesus, with pickup and delivery from Izmir airport. With minimum required numbers now achieved, the closing deadline for registering for the trip has been extended until 28th February.

Speakers from Australia and New Zealand include YWAM leaders John Dawson and Tom Hallas. Please prayerfully consider if you should be involved.  Check out the website: for more information.  If you have any further questions, please call Peter Brownhill at 08 9328 5321 or  or fax 08 9325 1324. To date just over 100 people have registered and more are anticipated.  This is a  once in a hundred years opportunity to worship, and wait to hear what God would say regarding His purposes in these days. There is no ‘set’ agenda – just a heart to gather to hear what God would say.

Please see for further information regarding this gathering but also information on pre and post tours.

Source: Youth With A Mission

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The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has called on the Andrews Government to end its support for cage fighting in Victoria. ACL Victorian State Director, Dan Flynn said, “Any sport which glorifies bone fractures, lacerations and repeated blows to the head as entertainment should be banned in Victoria” he said. “There are two cultural problems here. The first is the fact that this is a sport which closely resembles the real conditions of a street fight. This is irresistible marketing to some men, and has been the main factor in encouraging some audience and participants to act violently on our streets.

Last year, a police officer tried to arrest Mixed Martial Arts participant Jody Vedepo due to drunk and disorderly behaviour. He allegedly head-butted the officer who ended up in hospital. This is one example in a long list of assaults directly encouraged by this sport. The second cultural problem is the spectacle. “Bone fractures and dislocations are two of the most common injuries in cage fighting. This does not repel audiences, but is considered all part of the spectacle. The opposition of the AMA, former police commissioner Ken Lay and Australian of the Year Rosie Batty should speak volumes to the Victorian Government on this issue.”

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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The Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies, says the situation of children in detention ‘should concern every Australian’ and he has supported calls for an overhaul of the current system. A recently released politically controversial  Human Rights Commission Report says “current detention law, policy and practice does not address the particular vulnerabilities of asylum seeker children nor does it afford them special assistance and protection. Mandatory detention does not consider the individual circumstances of children nor does it address the best interests of the child as a primary consideration.”

Dr Davies said governments of both major parties have struggled with the issue of refugees and unfair political criticism has marred what should be bi-partisan debate. The Archbishop said there were 211 children still in detention, a dramatic fall from previous figures and a ten-fold decrease from its peak. “Every Australian should be concerned at the plight of children.” The Archbishop said. “Governments must undertake necessary checks and the children quickly removed from detention, with their parents. It would only cause further heartache for families to be separated from each other at a time when they need each other the most.”

Source: Anglican Press

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