In a concerning move, the Queensland Government has rushed divisive legislation through Parliament taking away the rights of adopted children, wherever possible, to have both a mother and a father. Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) Queensland Director Wendy Francis said the bill appeared to pass almost by stealth and in spite of misgivings from the Parliamentary inquiry looking into the legislation. The Labor Government, along with ex-Labor members Rob Pyne and Billy Gordon voted for the legislation which allows gay couples and single adults to adopt children. As the vote was tied at 43-43, the Speaker, Peter Wellington, used his casting vote to side with the Government, passing the bill which will ensure children no longer have the right to be adopted by a mother and a father.


“It was disturbing that legislation which failed to receive the majority support of the parliamentary committee and which has such significant impact on the lives of Queensland children, was not afforded proper process,” Ms Francis said.  “The rights of children are too important for the legislation to be treated so hurriedly.“It is disappointing that on such an important issue for children, with a conflicted committee and parliament, the government decided to push this through in the dead of night,” Ms Francis said.  “For government to legislate that a vulnerable child should miss out on a mother or a father is simply astounding. “Adoption has always been about the welfare of children who, for reasons not of their own making, are in need of the care of a family including a mother and a father.


“The Labor Government has turned this on its head and made it about the rights of adults to have a child,” she said. “Yet, according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child there are no rights to have a child.” On adoption, the UN Convention says, “When children are adopted the first concern must be what is best for them.” The Convention goes on to say, “In all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts of law, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.” “What has happened here is unjust to children and contrary to the ‘best interests of the child’,” Ms Francis said. 


“No one denies that alternate family structures, including single parent households do not preclude good outcomes for children. “However, this does not change the fact that while a single parent can be a good parent, no matter how great a single parent mother may be, she is not a father, and no matter how great a single parent father is, he is not a mother. “Nature dictates that men and women are required to produce a child. Men and women then go on to provide unique, complementary roles, both of which are important in the development of children. “Children of adoption are best served when they are raised by a mother and a father.”


Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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The Victorian Legislative Council has defeated two controversial pieces of legislation. The Labor government had planned to remove religious exemptions for religious organisations and schools in the Equal Opportunity Act, related to employment, unless organisations could prove that it was an inherent requirement of the position to discriminate on the grounds of sexuality, gender or marital status. This would have greatly diminished religious freedom in Victoria. The vote on the Bill was tied at 19 all, therefore the Bill was defeated! Labor, the Greens, and Fiona Patten from the Sex Party, voted for the Bill. The Coalition voted against the Bill. Four Minor Party MLCs (DLP, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers and Vote 1 Local Jobs) also voted against the Bill:


Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins (DLP) said, “This is a win for fundamental freedoms and the right of parents to choose a meaningful, not compromised faith-based education for their children. Many thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in this bill and made their views known.” The second Bill was aimed at transgender changes to birth certificates. It would have enabled people to change their sex on their birth certificate (once every 12 months) without having surgery or hormones.  It would have allowed people to legally change their sex to any chosen descriptor, even if still married and allowed for the sex of children to be changed on their birth certificates! The Legislative Council defeated this Bill as well! Well done! The vote was 19 each – with the same people voting for and against!


But it isn’t all good news. The GALE Association (Global Alliance for LGBT Education) has released a draft paper – focused on combating what they call ‘modern homophobia’, which includes people ‘pretending’ to be tolerant, or preferring that their children weren’t LGBTI etc. They are urging that educators be trained to combat this new form of homophobia – yes, that means more training on LGBTI issues in schools. And Safe Schools Coalition founder Roz Ward is a member of GALE! Only full acceptance, and even endorsement, is enough. The Andrews government’s proposed changes to the Equal Opportunity Act would have destroyed the ability of Christian schools to hire and retain all staff on the basis that they are genuine adherents, in belief and practice, to the Christian basis of the school.


And in other good news, a ‘Birth Certificate Bill’ that would have enabled biological males to change their ‘sex’ on their birth certificate to female, merely by stating that they ‘identify as’ a woman, was also voted down in the Legislative Council. It is so important that we continue to speak up as a voice for values Please continue to pray for your state and for our nation.


Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has welcomed the resolution at the Tasmanian Liberal Conference that called for the scraping of the controversial Safe Schools program in the state. Since the program rolled out in Tasmania early last year, more and more concerning evidence has come to light about its extreme ideological underpinnings. “There clearly is no appetite among the rank and file Liberal Party members for a school program that teaches children that their gender is fluid or a social construct,” ACL Tasmanian Director Mark Brown said. Mr Brown said the onus now resided with the Liberal Government to carry out the wishes of the party, to see the program scraped as soon as possible and to ensure the replacement program, ear-marked for launch next year, is not more of the same.


“There already exists anti-bullying programs that are free from rainbow ideology and more holistic in their approach which can be implemented in Tasmanian schools,” Mr Brown said.  “Anti-bullying programs need to consider bullying in all its forms if they are to be successful.  “The ACL commends former Braddon MP Brett Whiteley for calling Safe Schools out as a ‘political activist tool with a radical left wing agenda’. “We encourage Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff to give parents certainty by reassuring them about the proposed new program. “Parents have to be eternally vigilant of their child’s safety,” Mr Brown said. “Promoting cross-dressing, use of gender-less toilets and whole school participation in same-sex marriage rallies is not what parents expect from an anti-bullying program.


“Right now parents are able to push back against these radical proposals from Safe Schools but everything will change, if same sex marriage is legalised” he warned. “If you take gender out of marriage you take it out of sex education and school toilets. “That is the genderless package that parents have to say no to.” A new report from ACL reveals how the Safe Schools program has resulted in bullying in schools for anyone who questions the LGBTI agenda. “Safe Schools never was intended to reduce bullying and it is ineffectual of the government to continue lamenting that this is what it ‘should be’,” the report says. “By allowing political interest groups to re-write school curriculum, the government has abandoned its responsibility to provide an education system that can accommodate the entire community.”


Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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