The office of the Australian Prayer Network is currently closed to allow staff to take annual leave and will not re-open until Monday 17th June 2013.
This newsletter is an abridged version which has been pre-prepared by editorial staff prior to their departure.  Thank you for your understanding.





The calling of the Federal Election to be held on Saturday 14th September activates a season where all Australians are asked to consider the kind of Government they want for our nation. It is the ultimate privilege citizens have in a democratic society to exercise their vote for their preferred choice.

As Christians we of course have the right and responsibility to personally seek the Lord as to which party and candidates will best form a Government of righteousness and justice with a heart open to fulfil the will and purposes of God for our nation, and to vote accordingly.

As members of the Body of Christ we also have a corporate responsibility to undergird the decision process of the people, as well as through our prayers, impact the election campaign itself, by calling on the Holy Spirit to hover over our nation during the 40 days leading up to election day, guiding and determining the outcomes for our nation that will best serve His purposes for our future.

We therefore invite Christians across the nation to participate in a season of 40 days of daily prayer and voluntary fasting for our nation and for the election process, as the Lord leads. The 40 days begins on Monday 5th August and concludes on Friday 13th September.  We also invite other prayer networks across the nation to freely use our material within their own networks and invite all Churches to publish each week in full or edited form, the prayer points that we are issuing so that their members can also share in this season of national prayer.

Today we announce the release of the prayer points and Bible readings for the 40 days.  These are now available on our website at may be downloaded and reproduced as required. We only ask that due acknowledgment of the source be included in any reproduction.  For those individuals, prayer groups, and Churches who are members of the Australian Prayer Network (i.e. regularly receive our weekly newsletters) we will be forwarding the daily prayer points and bible readings to you on the Tuesday of each week for the week commencing the following Monday. For example we will be sending out the prayer points for the week beginning Monday 5th August on Tuesday 30th July and for the week beginning 12th August on Tuesday 6th August.  This will allow Churches to include the weekly prayer points in their Sunday notices and bulletins each week for the week beginning on the Monday.
For those Churches, prayer groups and individuals who are not members of the Australian Prayer Network, and do not wish to become members, they will be able to download the prayer points from our website at any time of their choosing.       
Just as we have been able to prepare in advance we are issuing this advice early so Churches wishing to participate can also plan ahead to engage their whole congregations in this national initiative and encourage other Churches in their area to also plan to join in this special season of prayer at a critical time in our nation’s history.  We would welcome your personal support and your efforts to encourage others to also join in praying for God’s blessing, righteousness and justice to come upon our nation, as together we cry out to Him to give us a Government that will facilitate His will and plans for our land.
We acknowledge the work of a number of leaders and intercessors within the Australian Prayer Network who have put this season of prayer together at short notice. We thank them for their efforts.

Source: Australian Prayer Network