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At last night’s debate Kevin Rudd promised he will fast-track same-sex marriage if re-elected.

If the Prime Minister has his way, marriage could be redefined by the end of the year. But it will only happen if enough MPs vote for change.

You can read below what he told supporters in an email released just minutes after the debate.

Please email your local MP today and remind them of your support for man-woman marriage. Ask them to commit to supporting the current definition of marriage if they are re-elected.

Kevin Rudd’s 100 day plan to redefine marriage would further undermine the idea that kids deserve, wherever possible, a mum and a dad.

There is no practical discrimination against same-sex couples under Australian law. There is no need to change the marriage law.

If we wish to retain marriage in its current form it is important that we vote for candidates, regardless of party affiliation, who support marriage.

If your local MP is a member of the Coalition, please ask them to pass on your thanks to Mr Abbott for his strong support of man-woman marriage.

Also, please ask your church to host the Make it Count 2013 election webcast. Now more than ever, it is vital that Christians show they are engaged with this election. Marriage will be one of the key topics discussed.

Thanks for taking action.

Lyle Shelton
Managing Director, Australian Christian Lobby
On behalf of the Australian Marriage Forum



From: Kevin Rudd
Date: 11 August 2013 7:54:53 PM AEST
Subject: It’s Time:

Dear —

If I am re-elected Prime Minister, I will support marriage equality legislation in the first 100 days of Parliament.

At this evening’s debate, I made that commitment to the Australian people.

If you think it’s time for marriage equality, I’d like you to stand with me and show the country that we think it’s time:

I’ve been thinking about the meaning of marriage for a long time – and I won’t hide the fact that this has been a journey for me. It is a difficult discussion, and I won’t force this on anyone. It will be a free vote for members of the Labor Party.

But here is what I know: we are at our best when we give all Australians the same dignity, the same opportunity for happiness.

I believe that no matter who we love, we all should be able to make that same promise I was able to make to Therese over 30 years ago. That all of us should be allowed to marry the one we love.

I am the first Prime Minister of this country going into an election promising to support marriage equality. So if you support equal marriage, I will need your support.

This is an issue that is very personal to people. What moves us to take a stand on this issue can move others too. If you think it’s time for marriage equality, share your story telling the country why.


It’s time.

Australian Labor Party
Authorised by G. Wright, Australian Labor, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton ACT



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