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Please email your federal MPtoday urging them not to allow the definition of marriage to be tampered with.

Despite your great success in influencing the Australian Parliament’s decisive rejection of same-sex marriage last September by a margin of 2-1, marriage is again under threat.

While Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s personal view on marriage between a man and a woman is solid, he said last weekit was possible for the Liberal Party room to move away from this as a party position after the election by allowing a conscience vote.

Similarly, the Prime Minister Julia Gillard has also been consistent in her personal view that marriage is between a man and a woman, despite the Labor Party breaking its election promise and jettisoning its support. At the weekend her Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus called for yet another voteon same-sex marriage before the September 14 election.

This could mean a vote before the end of June when Parliament rises for the winter break, even though most Australians would think the issue has already consumed an inordinate amount of parliamentary time.

Same-sex marriage is not inevitable in Australia as the previous vote showed and particularly if we again make our voices heard and encourage our friends to do the same.

Please email your federal MP(remember to click the box so your Senators receive a copy). You might like to make one or more of the following points:

  • It is important that marriage is not changed in law because of its importance to society as the bedrock of family.
  • Redefining marriage says that it’s okay to deliberately deny some children their biological mother or father – haven’t we already had to make apologies to the Stolen Generation and victims of forced adoptions for forgetting this?
  • When people are asked if a child should wherever possible have its natural mother and father, 73 per cent agree and believed this should be promoted (Sexton Marketing report for the Ambrose Centre for Religious Liberty, Nov 2011).
  • Australia has already had a long debate on same-sex marriage, why do we need another one?
  • This issue is being driven by sections of the media and the gay lobby and is not on the average Australians list of top ten issues, not even for supporters of the left-leaning GetUp organisation when they were asked.
  • You will not vote for a party that does not clearly support the true meaning of marriage.

If you want to dig deeper, more information is available on the AMF website.

Thanks for taking action. Please pass this on to your friends.

Yours sincerely,

Dr David van Gend and Jim Wallace AM
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