The Winner is – Forged with Flames

Forged with Flames: A True Story of Courage and Survival
Ann Fogarty & Anne Crawford
Wild Dingo Press ISBN 9780987178510

Where is God when it hurts? This question has rarely been answered more eloquently than by Ann Fogarty and Anne Crawford as they tell the story of Ann’s ordeal by fire.

This is a distinctively Australian saga. Ann’s epic trial began in Upper Beaconsfield, Victoria, when the 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires left her with life-threatening burns to 85% of her body. Firefighters, surgeons and nurses became her companions in adversity.

Ann brings to her writing the same humour, honesty and courage with which she suffered the pain, doubt and despair. The hope forged by this extreme experience is shared with simplicity and an open heart. It is profoundly comforting to follow her growing assurance of God’s presence and loving care. Ann’s story is compelling, unforgettable and inspiring.

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Roland Ashby
Mosaic Press
This book is a call for Christian charities, ministries and missions to re-discover their reason-for-being and a practical guide to the process of ensuring that their strategy, organisation and operation reflect this purpose. A book as indispensable as it is timely. In conversation with Roland Ashby, twenty-five Christian thinkers and leaders reconcile the tensions between belief and nonbelief, faith and science, and the church and the world. This is a reasoned, honest and expansive response to the roar of the new atheism and an antidote to the silence of the Christian cringe. Faith in Jesus Christ emerges as real, adult and vital: a faith to live by.