Two very different testimonies.

David Ryanfrom ChinaHeart has a story about his journey into missions. From having a great business, a waterfront home at Port Jackson, twilight racing in the yacht on the harbour plus the BMW in the garage, he now gives his life to looking after China’s lost children.
The change began with a bicycle tour through China. Out of this was born ChinaHeart
Read David’s testimony and chat to him (along with other wonderful people with similar passions) at the Illawarra Missions Day (see below) 

Barbara Neary, a long time member of the Gateway Church in Wollongong speaks about her powerful conversion many years ago. This 6 minute audio (requiring a 30 second download) would inspire and encourage many of the more senior women in our contacts and congregations.

So you’ve done a few weddings in your time? Can you beat this amazing minister? (Yes, it is inspirational)

A good book to help us relate well to others within our local congregations, plus the wider church, is “Culture of Honor” (American spelling). See the author of this popular book speaking about the concept: 1 hour version  or 4 minute version

Is this the heart of the Christian/Muslim divide? Kill the infidels or Love your enemies See this very brief actual debate between a Christian pastor and a Muslim imam.

What’s the similarity between a Sochi ski jump and an MAF airstrip?


Significant Events:

16th to 17th May 2014 – Illawarra Missions Day. This year it is being held at the Wollongong Baptist Church 330 Keira Street Wollongong. This an important event for the Illawarra churches.   

30th May 2014Wollongong Prayer Breakfast (includes Shellharbour) This event follows on from the recent Prayer Roundtable held at the Salvation Army Centre in Wollongong. The breakfast will be held at the City Beach Function Centre. Already group tables have been booked, individual seats are $58. The speaker is Kevin Andrews MP. When God’s people unite in prayer, things happen!  

31st May – National Day of Thanksgiving  How important it is to intentionally give thanks! 

26-28th June, ‘Healing from Heaven’ with Chris Gore at Shellharbour City Community Church. See the Healing from Heaven website for details. Chris is a New Zealander and is the Director of Healing Ministries at Bethel Church Redding California. For an insight into Chris and his ministry, see a short interview clip or a longer teaching video conference (which needs a further download due to file size)   

City Serve
(The local website is under construction and is based on the Newcastle platform). This community outreach is coming to Shellharbour in October! Follow link to see how it works. The mayor of Newcastle gives half his salary to the Newcastle churches towards this initiative! This project gets its own spot on the City of Newcastle website.

Friday Morning Breakfasts at the Hope Centre have a new interim venue:

The offices of Warwick Marsh,  

Dads4Kids & Australian Heart Ministries

Unit 1A Number 33 Central Rd


(Above the Chemist Shop – around the back and up the stairs)

Mobile:  4272 6677 or 0418 225 212



The Miniscules are highly addictive (either that, or totally incomprehensible). Have a 5 minute giggle!    

The Power of Prayer in Africa!  



Pray with, and for, other Christian leaders in your area.


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