Another Reason for Combined Prayer for a City
Amazed and thankful for the impact on suicide in this city since this May. When the churches and people started praying we were in a horrible run of child and youth suicides. Actually THE day we started those suicides ceased for an entire month, which also happened to be in one of the worst times in the year for suicide in the past (winter and annual dairy payouts, which this year carried bad news for the farmers again). July 2015-July 2016 suicides in the country increased, but the increase in this city, where everyone was praying since May 2016, was far smaller than elsewhere (an increase of only 4 across the year). In the last month a new community network has been established here specifically to go after suicide and this weekend there’s a Walk for Hope-equivalent on targeted specifically at it.

Research shows that no-one really knows the real drivers behind the fluctuations in a community’s suicide rate. It is one of the most volatile areas- and volatile areas are ALWAYS more vulnerable to prayer. In fact, I would almost go as far as to say that the suicide rate in any one city is directly proportional to the amount of prayer going on around suicide-prevention in that city. Prayer saves lives because salvation, deliverance and life are the nature of our Father. When the church comes together it gives permission for a community to come together under the favour of God against a problem that faces everyone, and the city wins.