Angels Save House in Hurricane

During the 1991 x 4 day hurricane in Samoa, there came a time of desperation as the wind had picked up to over 150 kilometres an hour. Half of my family were in Australia and were already booked to return in ten days to celebrate Christmas together. We had decorated the house with all the usual Christmas hangings and a tree with lights, also a welcome home sign.

The Lord had been good to us, (Stephen our younger son and me) as He told me to prepare, before the hurricane hit us, by buying a kerosene cooker and lights, and clearing out the gutters etc. Also He mentioned to protect the windows on the west side by nailing mats over the windows.

There were two tall coconut trees outside the east side of the house which were now doing their own idea of a hula. The ground rippling as they swayed to the music of the wind. Unfortunately this had a very unpleasant downside, the destruction of our house!

I proceeded to intercede for these two cavorting trees to be held steady by a couple of our Lord’s warrior angels. The wind roared, getting steadily worse, and I continued to intercede for our home as it was the only place for my wife and older son to return to.

An hour or two later as I looked outside, and the rain was falling, not vertically, but horizontally, pressured into almost like a vapour. I was praying frantically as I could see the tall coconut trees being uprooted and crashing onto the house. Then I perceived two images in silhouette, one standing around 10 feet high, and the other slightly crouched, each holding these coconut trees from falling over. I was overwhelmed with the goodness of the Lord for his answered prayer. And remain to this day in thankfulness for His goodness to the Sons of Men.

PS. The council later decided to cut down the two palm trees as they were a danger to the house, and one of them hit the corner of the house. So much for men’s knowledge!

Brian Hughes