Well, last night (Thursday)  I was waken by something moving on me, it started at my feet and moved up legs and body.
When I was fully awake I saw beside my bed a woman (Angel),  she was leaning over me and was pulling a cover or blanket over me.
She covered me up to my chin  –  in the way a mother would cover her child. It was a very light cover and seemed to bring absolute peace to me.
This all took only about 5 or 6 seconds,  then  she disapperared. (It seemed to be a Cover of Protection ??? )
I dont know what she was wearing.  I saw her face but dont  really remember what she looked like.
What I mainly noticed were her arms over me as she pulled up the blanket.
I thought at first it my own blanket,  but realised that was already over me, so it was a spiritual blanket / cover of some kind.

Blessings on you
from  Josie