The Ebola outbreak in West Africa, is spreading across borders with a current death toll around 2000. Around half of those are in Liberia. The World Health Organisation has categorised this situation as an “extraordinary event”, calling for international assistance to contain the disease.

The Shellharbour Community Church and Pastor Shane Cook have already been supporting Christians and communities in Zubahtown, Liberia. A container of items has been shipped and will arrive in 4 weeks.

Liberia is the 2nd poorest country in the world.

Today Shane spoke by phone to a pastor in Liberia. The whole country has now been put in virtual lock-down for 90 days. Schools are closed and people can’t even work and earn money to buy food. They need financial help.   
Follow this link to Zubahtown, which includes a video of a short mission trip plus details of how to give.

Lynne Drake has just spent a month in also one of the poorest and forgotten countries in the world, Burundi. The country has still hardly emerged from 15 years of civil war and genocide. A day’s basic wage is as little as 72c. The needs are huge and the opportunities for practical help are almost endless.

Lynne spoke of people with empty eyes and says “Staying alive is the greatest need for Burundians”. For further information, contact Lynne by email or Facebook (includes pictures)

The news of horror in the Middle East continues to grow. This is a story from an Anglican vicar from Baghdad. “Child I baptised cut in half by ISIS”


The Australian Prayer Network has sent out a bulletin focusing on the Middle East, joining an international call forprayer and fasting for tomorrow, August 13th.


Please set aside a special time of prayer in your church this Sunday 17th for Africa and the Middle East.  


Please forward this on. 


Blessings, Darryl