If Bill Shorten wins the election, he’s promised gay marriage by 10 October.

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The reality is that if Bill Shorten’s Labor Party is elected we’ll have same-sex marriage by October.

Elections are about our future.

We are called to make a choice.

But this election, Bill Shorten and the Labor Party have promised to take your choice away.

Bill Shorten will deny you and every other Australian their right to vote in a plebiscite on marriage.

He has promised to legislate same-sex marriage within 100 days if he is elected.

This will result in children being denied their mum and dad.

And Mr Shorten has explicitly said there will be no protections for religious freedom for lay people who disagree with same-sex marriage.

Mr Shorten has also said he will make sure schools teach our children that their gender is fluid through the so-called Safe Schools program.

This is not a vision for social justice or cohesion.  You and I must raise an urgent, and much needed voice for values in this election campaign.

So will you join me in signing this urgent petition, calling on Bill Shorten’s Labor Party to support the marriage plebiscite?

Mr Shorten needs to lead Labor back to the political centre ground.

We only have a short window of time before it could all be too late.

Please continue to pray for our leaders throughout the campaign.

Thank you in advance.

God bless

Lyle Shelton
Managing Director