Safe Schools’ chest binding advice is some of the most shocking government legislation ever seen.
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If a school girl is harmed by the government’s chest-binding advice, who is liable?

“I kid you not. ACL is seeking legal advice about whether our state and federal governments are liable should a girl be harmed by their advice.”


Wendy Francis stands up for prostitution reform

ACL Spokesperson for Women, Wendy Francis advocates for the Nordic Model of Prostitution reform at the NSW Inquiry into the Regulation of Brothels.

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Government should review decision to revoke US pro-life speaker’s visa

Australian Government should reconsider its decision to revoke the visa of prominent United States pro-life activist Troy Newman.

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Top doctor right to reject dangerous over-the-phone abortion drug 

News that Australian Medical Association’s Northern Territory president Dr Robert Parker will never support access to the abortion drug RU486 over the phone should cause Health Minister Susan Ley to immediately review this practice.

See why this drug is potentially lethal


7,228 people petition Peter Dutton to let Troy Newman speak here

After losing his High Court appeal, Troy Newman should return to America and go through the proper appeal process to have his visa reinstated.

See why his visa was revoked in the first place


Vic same-sex adoption law fails to provide NSW-style protections for religious freedom

Proposed same-sex adoptions laws will not bring Victoria into line with New South Wales because religious exemptions are not part of this bill.

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Meet the Victorian pro-life advocates

What are the ‘protesters’ outside abortion clinics really like?

Do they really harass people?


Abortion advocates will do anything to keep Troy Newman away from Australia 

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton speaks with Right to Life Australia’s Chief Executive officer Dr Katrina Heller, about pro-life advocate Troy Newman’s recent visa cancellation.
Mr Newman was scheduled to speak at events around the country organised by Right to Life on the recent Planned Parenthood scandal, this proved unpopular with anti-life advocates.

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Same-sex adoption laws in Victoria put the rights of children last

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton speaks with ACL Victorian State Director Dan Flynn about the Victorian abortion bill to be tabled this week in parliament, and why this would be detrimental for children and religious freedom.

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Victoria – March for the Babies 

1pm, 2-18 Spring Street, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000

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