Abortion is our “unutterable shame”

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How you can help provide a place of remembrance and healing

I believe abortion will be abolished in our generation.

We know it is a house of cards when we can’t even face the truth.


South Australia’s proposed birth certificate changes

A raft of bizare and unethical rainbow ideologically-motivated legislation is going before the South Australian Upper House this week in a pre-Christmas blitz on human dignity.

Why the government must step in to remove sexualised ads

Have you ever been confronted by graphic or sexualised outdoor advertising? Such advertising is the focus of a QLD parliamentary inquiry which was addressed by ACL’s Wendy Francis. 

Discriminatory Victorian Greens bill overwhelmingly defeated

Last month, the Victorian Green’s Bill to restrict Christian schools from enrolling students based on their values and beliefs, was voted down in the Victorian Legislative Council.

How “Safe Schools” is seeking to shape the minds of the next generation of teachers

News that Australian “Safe Schools” operatives are pushing a global teacher training program designed to shame people who resist radical gender theory should be of concern to parents.