Eric Metaxas is coming to remind us of what true courage is
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The ACL is bringing Eric Metaxas to Australia from April 21-27 because at this time in our history we believe we can learn from those who have shown courageous Christianity in the past.

The cultural and political challenges we face as Christians do not mean inevitable defeat, but we do need to play our part.

Our prayer is that Eric’s visit will inspire the church in Australia to rise to a Wilberforce/Bonhoeffer moment, knowing our challenges are no greater than those faced by these heroes of the faith.

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ACL concerned by Shorten plan to fine business-owners who disagree with same-sex marriage

ACL has expressed concern that a Shorten Labor Government will not allow protections for freedom of conscience for business owners should the definition of marriage be changed in law.


Betting’s corrupting influence on sport should be investigated

An article in The Age by former Victorian gaming minister Tony Robinson highlights the need for an urgent investigation into the sports gambling industry.

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$1,100 the price for parents to know if their school is running “Safe Schools”

ACL has expressed dismay that the QLD Government wants to charge $1,100 for parents to unlock knowledge of their school’s possible involvement in controversial “Safe Schools” program.

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Positive messages for girls lost in our sexualised public spaces

The advertising industry continues to thumb its nose at community concern about sexualising children.

See how two billboards are sending two very different messages to girls


Plan your life’s campaign

Lots of people have tried to change the world.  A few people have.

If you want to make a difference, you’re going to need a plan.

Join us at Campaign Headquarters for a life-transforming week as we look at how to make a real difference through your life’s work.

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Where do Australian values come from?

What is the role of Christianity in shaping Australian values? Simon Smart from the Centre for public Christianity brings some surprising and uplifting facts about the ethical foundations of our great nation.

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QLD, please sign today

As you may be aware, ACL has launched a new petition to show the government there is enough community concern about this dangerous program.

If you have not taken action on this petition in the past month then please sign now. An opposing petition is gaining traction. We need to send a strong message today to the QLD parliament.

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