Check out the SMH’s coverage of our event last night with Premier Mike Baird and Opposition Leader Luke Foley.

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4 March 2015


Last night ACL’s NSW supporters had the privilege of hearing from Premier Mike Baird and Opposition Leader Luke Foley.

The two leaders addressed the state’s Christian community at ACL’s Make it Countevent in the lead up to this month’s election.

Both leaders gave thoughtful speeches and it was a great night.

The Sydney Morning Herald‘s coverage includes some excellent quotes from both leaders about the role of faith in public life.

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it and for those who were praying for the event.

God bless

The ACL Team




Baird and Foley address the NSW Christian community

NSW Premier Mike Baird and Opposition Leader Luke Foley both gave important speeches to the Christian community last night.

Read the Sydney Morning Herald’scoverage

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