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3 July 2014



A Western Australia children commissioner’s report into sexualisation of children has urged a review of outdoor advertising laws and the prohibition of R18+ computer games. Read more.

The National school curriculum review team has released an interim report on the national curriculum with the final report due by the end of the month. Read more.

We are also pleased to hear the US Supreme Court has ruled in favour of religious liberty in the Hobby Lobby case.

Speaking of religious freedom, the Anglican Bishop of South Sydney Robert Forsyth spoke to ACL’s Katherine Spackman about religion being a public good in a 15 minute radio interview.

There have been a lot of submissions into the inquiry into recognising overseas same-sex marriages. Don’t forget to add your voice by signing the submission into preserving marriage.

ACL Team

P.S. For those who use an Android device, we are pleased to let you know theAustralian Christian Lobby mobile app is available for download on Google play.


WA’s Children’s Commissioner urges review of outdoor advertising laws and prohibition of R18+ computer games

A report by Western Australia’s Children’s Commissioner into the sexualisation of children has urged a review of laws around outdoor advertising and for the prohibition of R18+ computer games. The report was tabled in parliament by the state’s Joint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Young People last week urging the government to take note of the Commissioner’s report and 13 proposals.

Read more

Preserving Marriage: You can make a difference

The Senate is considering a Greens bill that would recognise foreign same-sex ‘marriages’ in Australia. You can help preserve marriage by telling a Senate inquiry to oppose the ‘Recognition of Foreign Marriages Bill’ by signing a submission to the inquiry. By signing, you will be making a clear and important stand for the natural, timeless and sustainable definition of marriage.

Read more and sign the submission

Bishop of South Sydney talks about religion as a public good

Anglican Bishop of South Sydney Robert Forsyth recently gave an address at the Centre for Independent Studies on religious freedom and religion being a public good. He spoke to the ACL’s Katherine Spackman about why religion is not just a private matter in this 15 minute radio interview.

Read more plus audio interview

Win for religious liberty in Hobby Lobby Case

The US Supreme Court has delivered its decision in the Hobby Lobby case, ruling that the store does not have to provide abortifacients as part of its health care coverage. Requiring the store to do so violates the owners’ religious freedom.

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National curriculum review team release interim report

The national curriculum review team has released an interim report. The 17-page report, completed in March but released mid-June, outlines the process being followed by reviewers Kevin Donnelly and Ken Wiltshire as they prepare their final report by the end of July.

Read more

Politics in Focus

In this week’s edition, ACL’s Katherine Spackman explains the significance of the High Court decision on the national school chaplaincy program.

Read more and watch the interview

Pastors Short Course – July 15th to 17th

As part of the vision to develop leaders in public life, the Lachlan Macquarie Internship also offers short courses for pastors and church leaders. It’s an opportunity to network and discuss how the Gospel’s message can impact politics. There are only a limited number of spaces offered for the three day course to ensure pastors can get the most out of time spent with Christian parliamentarians, strategists, law experts and leaders.

This program will empower church leaders with a greater understanding of the democratic process and inspire you with the impact the church can have on society. It will challenge you to think politically and strategically about issues facing Christians in Australia and around the world.

The next course will be held July 15th – 17th

The cost is $250 and covers program, food and accommodation. Fill out thisapplication form to apply or call 02 6259 0431.

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Australian Christian Lobby Mobile App now available on Android

The ACL has launched a mobile app for both iPhone and Android, revolutionising online activism. It’s never been easier to get in touch with your MP and make a stand. Help foster a more moral, just and compassionate society by speaking up on important issues.

Read more and download iPhone or Android app

For the diary – a selection of upcoming events

21-25 July – Conference, Ancon: The Cross of Christ, NSW

7 August – Seminar, Ethical Supply Chains – How do we ensure human rights are protected?, NSW


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