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3 February 2015



The Queensland election result has shocked the nation.  The political rulebook has been re-written.

Please continue to pray for Queensland and for our State Director Wendy Francis and her team.

Pray that together we will continue to be a strong voice for values into the new Queensland Parliament.

God bless


The ACL Team



What’s so bad about Cage fighting?

Cage fighting is contributing to a culture of brutality and makes violence a spectacle.

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Lessons from the Queensland election

A massive comeback for Labor this election, but what does that mean for marriage?

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Mercy for Sukumara and Chan, not a firing squad.

ACL joins calls for clemency for Bali death row pair

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Who was Rev Richard Johnson?

… and why he was hand-picked as the fledgeling colony’s first pastor?

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The doctrine of prosperity?

How Australia’s Christian heritage made this a peaceful and prosperous country.

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Christian Faith and Freedom Conference 2015

‘Stand Firm for Freedom – the Call for Courage’

Interested in Christian persecution around the globe? Get some fascinating insights from experts in the field.

  • Rev Dr Mark Durie;
  • Elizabeth Kendal A.Mus.A; B.Ed (Mus), D.Min (honorary);
  • Asif Mall MA;
  • Andrea Tokaji DipTh. JD LLM; and
  • Dr Roy Barton.

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