…are doomed to repeat it.

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What the dead can teach us about cowardice and weakness

by Lyle Shelton

This may sound morbid, but I love reading the obituaries in the Economist magazine.

By the way, magazine is a misnomer these days as I am usually reading from a backlit piece of glass known as an iPad.

Nonetheless, reading about the recently dead is very instructive, especially from a magazine with a global perspective and an eye for history’s big ideas.

If the Economist deems a synopsis of your life worth publishing, it usually means you have made a contribution to geo-politics during what has been a tumultuous period of world history.

And as Ecclesiastes teaches, there is nothing new under the sun.


Life in the womb raised in VIC parliament

Dan Flynn updates us on the outcome of Victoria’s Infant Viability Bill which was voted down on 25 May 2016.

The Bill was intended to provide holistic care of pregnant mothers carrying post 24 week children and protect these viable pre-born babies from abortion.

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Euthanasia fails the vulnerable

Last week on the ABC’s Lateline programme, ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton reinforced the message that parliamentarians are repeatedly voting against euthanasia laws because it’s not seen as safe, it’s too dangerous and safeguards cannot be put in place to protect the vulnerable.

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QLD Govt ‘Safe Schools’ assurances do not add up

Queensland Primary Schools continue to take part in the so-called Safe Schools program against a Federal Government directive to remove the age-inappropriate sexualised program from children under 12 years old.

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Flag is “racist” says “Safe Schools” founder

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten should say whether or not he has confidence in “Safe Schools” founder Roz Ward after she used Facebook to call the Australian flag “racist”.

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The right to employ those who share your ethos

It is difficult to believe that the alternative Prime Minister of Australia has committed to publicly funding a program which teaches children that their gender is fluid.

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The international war on our children unmasked

If you, like so many people across Australia, are concerned with the so-called Safe Schools program which teaches children that gender is fluid and a social construct, then you should watch this video.

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