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Source: The Australian 1 October 2014

2 October 2014



This has been a big week in the battle to preserve marriage…

So before you get into all the other news from around the country, here’s a quick update on what’s been happening with marriage.

Senator David Leyonhjelm has now told The Australian he will introduce his same-sex marriage bill in a matter of weeks or months.

This news comes after only last week the Senate inquiry recommended not to pass the Greens bill recognising overseas same-sex marriages.

It just goes to show that we cannot afford to become complacent about preserving marriage.

We are so thankful to the more than 42,000 people who signed ACL’s submission to the Senate inquiry.

With Senator Leyonhjelm’s bill just around the corner, we need to remain vigilant if we are to preserve marriage.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick update from Lyle thanking people for signing our submission and outlining 3 things you can do to help preserve the definition of marriage.

Thanks very much for your continued support.

God bless

The ACL Team


Is Jesus really in the Quran?

By Daniel Simon

In the Middle East, hundreds of thousands of Christians are fleeing from persecution under the Islamic State. How do Christians respond to Islam? Is this an Islamic issue or is it only ideological extremism we need to worry about? Rev Mark Durie is a theologian who has written extensively on Islam and Christianity. He talks to ACL’s Daniel Simon about how to answer some of these questions.

Listen to the interview

Defending faith through the courts

Alliance Defending Freedom is a US-based alliance-building legal organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith.

With over 300 allied organisations, 2,400 allied attorneys and 31 countries represented ADF are leading the charge in defending religious liberty.

This month ADF Senior Legal Counsel, Roger Kiska will be speaking at ACL’s National Conference.

If you care about the future of religious freedom in Australia, you won’t want to miss Roger’s talk.

Watch the video and register today

What do Napthine and Andrews’ answers mean for Christians?

By Daniel Simon

ACL’s Make It Count event featured Premier Denis Napthine and Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews addressing Christians in the lead up to the Victorian election in November. ACL Victoria Director Dan Flynn hosted the event, and he spoke to ACL’s Daniel Simon about the evening.

Listen to the interview

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Napthine and Andrews answer questions from Christians

By Daniel Simon

The Australian Christian Lobby’s Make It Count event in Victoria featured Premier Denis Napthine and Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews addressing Christians and church leaders. Each were asked a series of questions on issues of concern to Christians in Victoria. ACL’s Daniel Simon presents some highlights from the leaders’ comments.

Listen to the highlights

Cut off date for Solidarity Sunday T-Shirt orders

Orders for Solidarity Sunday T-Shirts close 9 October.

Stand in solidarity with our persecuted brothers and sisters.

The Arabic “ن” has been painted on the homes and businesses of Christians marking them for persecution.

Give these shirts to your congregation for a photo opportunity for local or social media to spread the word and raise awareness.

More information about Solidarity Sunday

Order T-Shirts

Big win as council shuts down adult store

By Wendy Francis

Thank you Queenslanders for standing up for the protection of the innocence of children in our communities. Brisbane City Council has closed down an adult store in Keperra, which only opened in August. The closure came after revelations that ‘Naughty but Nice’ described its business as a toy store.

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How MPs are grappling with the ethics of surrogacy

By Lyle Shelton

Yesterday I spent time with two federal MPs from both sides of politics discussing surrogacy.

Since 2004, most state and territory governments have moved to legalise altruistic surrogacy – that is surrogacy where a mother is not paid to carry and give birth to a child (or children) for someone else.

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Best and Worst of Sex-Selection Abortion Debate

By Laurenne Abdelmalak and Daniel Simon

Last Thursday, a bill to ban Medicare funding for sex-selection abortions was debated in the Senate on Thursday, dividing senators on both sides of politics.

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For the diary – a selection of upcoming events

23 September – 25 October – Public talks, Arda Aghazarian in Australia, All states

18 October – Conference, COSEK, SA (ACL’s Jim Wallace speaking)

24-25 October – ACL National Conference, ACT

26-27 October – National Leader’s Prayer Breakfast, ACT

27 October – Theology @ the Pub, State Election Special, VIC

31 October – Conference, Freedom of Religion, QLD

2 November – Solidarity Sunday, All states 

14-16 November – Conference, Caring for the garden in a fallen world, NSW