Archbishop Julian Porteous has been referred to the anti-discrimination commission for supporting marriage
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Persecution and the courage of Julian Porteous

Archbishop Julian Porteous may not be the last person in hot water for standing up for timeless marriage


It is not a ‘cop out’ to let the people decide what marriage is

A peoples’ vote on marriage is not a ‘cop out’ or something to be feared, Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said today.


US abortion nightmare may be happening here

In light of the horrendous Planned Parenthood expose videos, the Australian Parliament should ensure similar criminal activity is not being committed by abortion service providers here.


Same-sex marriage threatening free speech

It’s highly concerning for freedom of speech that Hobart’s Catholic Archbishop Julian Porteous has been reported to government authorities for speaking up for traditional marriage.


“You’re talking about the extinction of innocent human life”

This week on the Political Spot: Planned Parenthood in the United States have been exposed for selling unborn babies’ organs. Lyle Shelton discusses the revelations with renowned columnist for The Australian, Angela Shanahan


Australian taxpayer’s money & Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling organs harvested from aborted babies has made headlines in the US. In part II of this week’s Political Spot, Lyle Shelton talks to columnist from The Australian, Angela Shanahan, about how Australian taxpayer’s money supports Planned Parenthood’s Asia-Pacific operations.


ACT – “The Dark Side of Technology” Presentation

Evangelist, youth pastor and technology nerd, Brad Huddleston from the US is coming to Canberra. Brad is passionate about helping families find a balanced approach to using technology.

Topics covered in his engaging presentation include: Technology addiction, Digital multitasking, Brain stress management, Studying sequentially, Better sleep, Cyber bullying, Video game addiction, and Not allowing technology to negatively affect relationships with parents.

7:00pm Wednesday 14th October – Gold coin donation
Westminster Presbyterian Church Belconnen – 61 Templeton St, Cook


Health Minister should stop dangerous over-the-phone abortions

With the abortion industry in the US under pressure from the Planned Parenthood baby-parts-for-sale scandal, the industry here wants to launch over-the-phone sales of a pill for killing unborn babies.