February 11 marriage plebiscite is looking increasingly unlikely.

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Plebiscite uncertainty does not mean we can relax

February 11 marriage plebiscite is looking increasingly unlikely.

Talks broke down yesterday between the Government and the Opposition about trying to find a way to steer enabling legislation for a people’s vote through the Parliament.

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Why free speech must be allowed outside church walls

According to reports in The Australian, the recently-appointed Secretary of the Department, Mark Scott, has been ordered to investigate what, if any, scientific basis there is to Crossroads’ claims that gender is independent of biology.

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Want to ‘opt-out’ of Safe Schools? Then prepare to move schools

There are reports that the NSW government is considering giving parents an “opt-in”, instead of an “opt-out” with respect to the participation of their children in the program.

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Professor calls-out queer theory program in schools

The Safe Schools program has been billed as the all-in-one answer to the problem of LGBTI bullying in schools. But a new report by University of Sydney Law School Professor, Patrick Parkinson, paints a far from perfect picture.  

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Why we need more debate about the consequences of redefining marriage

It was disappointing to see the Shadow Attorney General assert that same-sex marriage posed no threat to other peoples’ freedoms.

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Culture wars in the west

Where did Australia’s culture wars originate? Senior research fellow at The Australian Catholic University, Dr Kevin Donnelly, discusses the cultural revolution from the 60’s and 70’s and how it’s affecting us now.

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Take action: Victorian Government attacks religious schools and churches

Daniel Andrews is trying to undo one of the most important wins for religious freedom of the past decade.His legisation will be the end of Christian schooling as we know it. 

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