Minus18 videos were deleted from the ‘Student Wellbeing Hub’ hours after questions were asked by Senator John Williams

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Minus18 promotion removed from Education Department’s website

The Australian Christian Lobby thanked Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham for removing material that promotes Minus 18 from the Education Department’s student wellbeing hub.

The Safe Schools material promoting Minus 18 was removed following questions in Senate Estimates from Nationals Senator John Williams…

What if marriage was more than about love?

In the past week the member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks, raised some important points which are usually swept under the carpet in the same-sex marriage debate.

MPs listen to those most vulnerable

Despite extensive lobbying by celebrities, advocacy by the disabled has won the day in South Australia.

Toowoomba Mayor takes a stand

Can a community start a movement against pornography? 

‘Biology not ideology’ in Vic birth certificates

The Victorian Government wants to introduce a law that means a person can change their “sex” on their…

Education Department buys into gender fluidity arguments

The NSW Education Department is propagating contested gender theory in a document that has been linked to the controversial Safe Schools program.

When laws are clearly not working, we need reform

Legalising prostitution in Queensland has been a massive failure with the State’s watchdog admitting that most prostitution continues to occur illegally.