Labor’s seismic shift to the extreme left

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Labor’s rainbow colours nailed to the mast

by Lyle Shelton

There’s a campaign within this election campaign.

It is not playing out on people’s television screens so most Australians are oblivious.

But this campaign within a campaign has the potential to radically re-shape Australia more than any other issue under discussion in this lacklustre marathon election.


Queenslanders reject abortion in their largest epetition ever

The largest Queensland Parliament epetition in history will be delivered this week to the State Parliament in response to a public outcry against the world’s worst abortion laws that are being proposed by Cairns MP Rob Pyne.

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Greens abortion pledge out of step with community sentiment

The Greens are out of step with community sentiment on abortion with their announcement today of a $15 million election pledge to remove abortion safeguards.

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Labor does right thing on aid but forgets its base

Labor’s election pledge to reverse years of cutting overseas aid by both sides of politics has been welcomed by the Australian Christian Lobby.

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Priest-in-exile to challenge current regime in upcoming Rwandan election

This week on the Political Spot, how do you contest the presidency of a dictator?

Reverend Father Thomas Nahimana tells us about the current political situation in Rwanda, and how he is passionate about standing against tyranny.

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Labor’s capitulation to Greens’ rainbow ideology is complete

It is difficult to believe that the alternative Prime Minister of Australia has today committed to publicly funding a program which teaches children that their gender is fluid.

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Labor’s rainbow cop to pursue Porteous-type actions

Federal Labor’s promised discrimination commissioner for gay and gender fluid ideology will only serve to escalate vexatious, farcical and divisive cases that run against Tasmanian Archbishop of Hobart Julian Porteous, the Australian Christian Lobby has warned.

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