The result of the UK referendum is tremendously encouraging for Australia’s marriage plebiscite.

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I wanted to write to you to offer a message of encouragement.

Yesterday the UK voted to leave the European Union in only their third ever, nation-wide referendum.

Let me tell you why this is so important for Australia, whether you supported the Leave or Remain camps, or if you didn’t really care.

Almost the entire commentariat in the UK supported the Remain campaign.

People who supported the Leave campaign were sneered at.  Their intelligence questioned and they were labelled with words like “xenophobe”.

When Australians woke this morning, the first exit polls were showing a solid victory for the Remain campaign.

But now the votes have been counted and once again, the elites, the commentariat and the pundits have been proven wrong.

The silent majority have spoken.

We can achieve the same thing here in Australia with marriage.

Take a good look at the Brixit headlines in the newspapers this afternoon and tomorrow.  Study them.  Remember them.

And for the next 6 months, or however long it is until the marriage plebiscite, I want you to remember that everyone thought that Brexit was impossible.

Today’s result in the UK shows us just what is possible when the silent majority speak up and refuse to be told what to think.

It highlights why it is so important that Australia has a people’s vote on marriage.

I hope you are as encouraged as I am.

Please continue to pray for our nation and the outcome of next week’s federal election.

Pray that we would be granted the plebiscite that Prime Minister Turnbull has promised.

God bless

Lyle Shelton
Managing Director
Australian Christian Lobby