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23 October 2014



We’ve asked a lot of you this week…  and you’ve been brilliant.

Now can we ask you to pray for our National Conference this weekend?

Not sure what we’re talking about?  Read Lyle’s blog here to get the latest.

Thanks so much for all that you are doing.

God bless

The ACL Team



We asked for your help… this is what happened next.

By Lyle Shelton

Yesterday we were under attack.

A group of extreme activists were trying to shut down our National Conference.

We asked for your help and you’ll never guess what happened next.

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Over 500 churches registered for Solidarity Sunday

2 November 2014

This day will be an important and unique opportunity for Christians to unite in prayer, raise awareness and rejoice in hope as we consider our persecuted brothers and sisters overseas.

Make sure your church doesn’t miss out on being a part of this important day.

Why Australia should double its humanitarian intake

Lyle Shelton spoke to Fairfax’s Breaking Politics today about the need to increase Australia’s humanitarian intake.

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ACL to campaign against Vic Labor’s anti-religious freedom push

The Australian Christian Lobby will campaign against a Victorian Labor policy to take away religious freedom from Christian schools and organisations.

ACL’s Victorian Director Dan Flynn said Christian schools and organisations should have the same rights as political parties to select staff who share their ethos and values.

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How to engage on the tough issues

Karl Faase talks about the importance of Christian engagement with tough issues.

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No brothel for Chinchilla

By Wendy Francis

Wendy’s just got back from Chinchilla where the local concil is considering a plan to open a brothel.

She filed this video update about ACL’s campaign to stop the brothel.

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Faith and politics and the National Prayer Breakfast

Senator David Fawcett talks about the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship and about the importance of the Christian faith to him as a person and as a politician.

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The growing threat to religious freedom

Two cases in the USA demonstrate the growing conflict between anti-discrimination laws and the right to freely practice one’s faith.

The “Houston Five” pastors have been ordered by the city to hand over sermons and other communications.

An Idaho couple who have run a chapel and conducted weddings for 25 years have been ordered to conduct same-sex ceremonies or face fines and jail time.

ACL Chief-of-Staff Martyn Iles explains these cases and discusses the danger that we may see similar situations in Australia.

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Developing leaders in public policy

If you are a postgraduate Christian and considering a career in public policy, law, media or politics, then the Lachlan Macquarie Internship will provide you the intellectual foundation, essential networks, and formative vision required to effectively engage faith and culture.

The course is a 3-month intensive, living in academic community with a range of top lecturers and dinners with prominent Australians.  Scholarships are provided for all successful applicants, and positions are now open for the Autumn 2015 intake.

Apply today

For the diary – a selection of upcoming events

24-25 October – ACL National Conference, ACT

26-27 October – National Leader’s Prayer Breakfast, ACT

27 October – Theology @ the Pub, State Election Special, VIC

31 October – Conference, Freedom of Religion, QLD

2 November – Solidarity Sunday, All states 

14-16 November – Conference, Caring for the garden in a fallen world, NSW