WARNING: some viewers may find this material distressing.


Politics and the humanising of the unborn

Planned parenthood have a serious case to answer for their criminal activity selling unborn babies body parts, but the eyes of the highest levels of US politics remain closed.

Read Lyle’s blog on the Planned Parenthood scandal

Are our political leaders ‘disposable’?

ANU Emeritus Professor John Warhurst and ACL Managing director Lyle Shelton discuss the fallout from this month’s Turnbull leadership coup and what this means to the current makeup of the Liberal party.

Hear his insights


Woolworth’s plan to reward gambling addicts irresponsible

Woolworths should halt plans to introduce a ‘frequent gamblers’ rewards card program.

See how far Woolworths have strayed from community values


Why Mike Baird wants to change the Australian cricket team’s uniform

The NSW Premier has identfied the particular role sport plays in encouraging responsible consumption of alcohol.

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Is ‘Safe Schools’ an anti-bullying program?

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton speaks to ACL Spokesperson for women, Wendy Francis, on ACL’s new campaign against ‘Safe Schools’.

Hear her empassioned views


Advertising the first step to a national surrogacy industry

The NSW Attorney General should rethink proposed changes to surrogacy laws.

See how allowing advertising would liberalise the issue of surrogacy


Same-sex marriage and Australia’s revolving door prime-ministership

ACL’s Lyle Shelton was asked to write for the Washington DC-based think tank, the Heritage Foundation, about Australia’s change of Prime Ministers.

Read the article here


Zoo Magazine’s demise makes the world safer for young women

It’s no wonder the the exploitative and harmful Zoo Weekly magazine has folded as a result of community outcry.

See what happened


Palaszczuk should reject Americanisation of Qld politics through charter of rights

The Palaszczuk Government should reject moves to implement a so-called charter of human rights.

See why we don’t want this American-style mess



Porn’s days as mainstream are numbered

Another mainstream institution has added it’s voice to the growing body of research that suggests pornography is harmful to society.

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Ormond College move to block porn a win for human dignity

Ormond College’s decision to block harmful pornography from its WiFi network is a win for the dignity and safety of young women.

See what drove them to this decision


Save the Babies Downunder

Troy Newman, of Operation Rescue in the U.S. and his colleagues have struck a highly effective blow at the hugely lucrative abortion industry in the U.S. headed by Planned Parenthood.

They have worked undercover to expose the growing sale of parts of babies aborted late in pregnancy – body parts to be used in research and sold for profit.

3-6 October 2015

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