The ‘Safe Schools’ program has been significantly pruned, however much of the worst material remains.
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George Christensen speaks about the battle to keep schools safe from gender theory

This week on the Political Spot, will the Safe Schools Coalition adhere to Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham’s pruning of the program?

Our guest this week, Federal MP George Christensen, explains what happened in Parliament last week and discusses the possibility of a double dissolution election on July 2.


Safe Schools architect Roz Ward admits “it’s not about bullying”

Safe Schools founder Roz Ward admits the program is not about bullying but about gender and sexual diversity.

Watch the video


Violent trashing of Senator’s office un-Australian

The violent trashing of Senator Cory Bernardi’s Adelaide office by protestors supporting the Safe Schools program demonstrates a disturbing lack of tolerance among rainbow activists, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

Read how advocates for the ‘Safe Schools’ program are trying to bully the senator into silence


We can do better than Seven Year Switch

In television’s ever-growing quest for shock-driven ratings, Channel 7 has stooped to a new low with its Seven Year Switch offering.

Read how Channel 7 has placed shock value above core Australian values.


See what ACL MD Lyle Shelton says on Lateline about Safe Schools


Celebrate Easter! in Melbourne 2016

Celebrate Easter is a celebration of the finished work of the cross.

Three churches from different denominations have come together to host this event in the heart of Melbourne and everyone is invited.

Find out more



You can help save a life

Your response to our petition to support the first formal attempt at pro-life legislation in Victoria has been outstanding.

We only have a short time remaining to get signatures. Will you help us?

We need every Victorian to sign two petitions supporting these efforts.

Then get friends and church members to sign as well by sharing this link.


Fearless – Eric Metaxas East Coast tour

Not much time now before Eric Metaxas arrives in Australia.

You can attend events we have organised for you on April 21 in Brisbane, April 27 in Melbourne and April 23 in Sydney

The Sydney event will include ACL’s national conference where Eric will be joined by an impressive list of speakers including Hon Scott Morrison, Noel Pearson, Dr Jeffery J Ventrella from the Alliance Defending Freedom, Dr Gary Millar and Dr Stephen Chavura.


Then share the link with family and friends on social media and via email.


Tas pokie inquiry opens way to reform

The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes the announcement that a joint select parliamentary committee will be formed to consider the future of Tasmania’s gaming industry.

Read how the Tasmanian Government could take a leading role in standing up to the Pokie Monopoly


Take Action: Sign QLD ACL Safe Schools E-Petition

Queenslanders, thanks to you signatures supporting our stand against the so-called Safe Schools last year have doubled in the last week.  We still need 3,000 signatures to reach the 10,889 signatures we received last year on this issue.

If you have not taken action on this petition in the past few weeks then please encourage others to do the same. 

We need to tell Parliament that keeping schools signed up to the Safe Schools secret is not good enough. 


Then share this link with family and friends on social media or via email.