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Preserving marriage is the great task of our generation

“Christians under attack”. That was the headline on the front page of today’s The Australian newspaper. I don’t want to sound alarmist but we have to ask what is going on in our nation.

After last week’s attack by intolerant same-sex marriage activists on Coopers Beer and the Bible Society (for being tolerant), a senior executive at IBM Australia has this week been harassed by the same homosexual twitter activists.


Why is harassment okay for some but not others?

The insertion of the word ‘harassment’ as a prohibition in 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is welcome but won’t stop same-sex marriage activists from harassing anyone who does not share their views.

Abortion services are not the solution to poverty and stability in our region

In times past, Australia was always a generous country and proof of this has played out time and time again.  When someone was facing hard times, we want to help. 

Minister, our military should be above politics

What sort of message does it send when our armed forces march in political rallies?

For over a century, Australia’s armed forces have been above politics.


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ACL gives input into the human trafficking inquiry

There are strong ties between organised crime, human trafficking and prostitution, a NSW inquiry has been told.

Stopping sexual exploitation in Australia, the next step

The ACL has called on state governments to join the list of progressive jurisdictions in stopping the exploitation of women by criminalising those that pay for sex.

Why do business leaders expect the PM to compromise his integrity?

The ACL welcomes Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s re-commitment to his election promise of holding a people’s vote on redefining marriage.

Logan is a superhero movie but it’s not for kids

An urgent request for the MA15+ rating assigned to the latest X-Men blockbuster, LOGAN, to be reviewed has been lodged with the Classification Review Board.

Join the boycott of “Fifty Shades Darker”

If you haven’t already done so, please sign now.