“Children raised by same-sex parents speak up for traditional families”

Australian Christian Lobby




21 April 2015




ACL published by Fairfax online

Dan Flynn had an opion article published on Fairfax’s news websites.

Click here to read Dan’s Op Ed on the Sydney Morning Herald’s website.


What ANZAC day means to me

Lyle Shelton shares his family’s personal story of service and sacrifice.

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Greens fail to get support for euthanasia motion

The Greens tried to sneak the issue of euthanasia past parliament to the un-elected Victorian Law Reform Commission.

Watch Dan Flynn’s report

Listen to his in-depth analysis


Marriage as a weapon against child abuse & poverty? There’s a novel thought

Family dysfunction has contributed to many problems for our kids…

Read Lyle Shelton’s discussion on family breakdown



US ban on dismemberment of unborn babies should be considered in Australia

2 US states have banned dismemberment abortion, it still happens in Australia and needs to stop.

Could this be the first step in banning abortion?


More aid cuts must be off limits in next month’s budget

Australia’s overseas aid budget of 0.27% gross national income looks ‘mean spirited’ and should not be subject to further cuts

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How David Cameron got Easter wrong.

Simon Calvert talks about ACL’s fellow travellers in the UK the Christian Institute, and discusses the Easter message from UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

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Meet others against euthanasia

2015 Hope International Symposium

Join us for an event not to be missed featuring a dynamic mix of local and international speakers covering a wide range of topics all designed to help build our opposition to euthanasia & assisted suicide.

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