Threats by rainbow activists force marriage partners to find a secret location for marriage briefing

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SSM leaders’ failure to condemn violence endangers everyone’s safety

Australians got a glimpse this week of what the ACL team has been living with for years.

They also got a glimpse of what will happen to their freedom of speech and freedom of association should marriage ever be redefined in law.

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Meet the ‘Genderbread person’ teaching your children

According to reports in The Australian, the recently-appointed Secretary of the Department, Mark Scott, has been ordered to investigate what, if any, scientific basis there is to Crossroads’ claims that gender is independent of biology.

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Prime Minister includes all Australians in marriage debate

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton has thanked the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for the respectful tone he set in introducing a bill for a people’s vote on redefining marriage.

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It’s time to deal with gambling

Australians are being urged to get behind efforts to reform the $23 billion gambling industry through a campaign supported by the Australian Christian Lobby.

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Take action: Why is the Victorian government putting women at risk?

New laws allowing people to designate a non-biological gender on their birth certificate should wait until after the plebiscite on changing the definition of marriage.

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Australasian Christian Legal Convention

The ACLC is a major event that will bring together Christian lawyers, law students, academics, persons involved in the administration of justice and those with a concern for justice in our community from all over Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

29 Sept – 1 Oct, Brisbane

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Take action: Victorian Government attacks religious schools and churches

Daniel Andrews is trying to undo one of the most important wins for religious freedom of the past decade.His legisation will be the end of Christian schooling as we know it. 

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