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20 January 2015


The result of the Queensland state election will shape the values and character of that state for years to come.

This week, hundreds of Queenslanders have turned out for ACL’s candidate forums.

These forums provide an important opportunity for people to hear directly from each of the candidates and ask important questions.

Please be praying for the outcome of the Queensland election and for ACL’s Wendy Francis and her team as they help as many people as possible cast an informed and prayerful ballot.


The ACL Team

PS. Keep scrolling for big news from the US in the battle to preserve marriage.



What’s the big issue people keep raising in Queensland?

The Queensland election is scheduled forJanuary 31. ACL’s Wendy Francis is holding Meet Your Candidate Forums in electorates across the state, and seeing great engagement between candidates and the community. In this interview, Wendy discusses the election campaign and discusses the issues that people are raising at the MYC.

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Why FIFO workers are becoming a key election issue in Mackay

By Wendy Francis

The dark side of the mining boom is becoming a key election issue….

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Is the US Supreme Court about the settle the marriage debate?

Recent news from the US Supreme Court could put an end to the marriage debate once and for all.

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Why we can’t forget Christian persecution in Africa

In the last few days, Boko Haram has engaged in another series of attacks, this time in Cameroon, killing and capturing about 80 people. This follows their massacre in Nigeria in early January, in which about 2,000 civilians were slaughtered. Religious liberty analyst Elizabeth Kendal talks about Boko Haram’s tactics,

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How our candidate forums are changing votes

ACL’s Meet Your Local Candidate forum in Gladstone was a good chance for voters to get in touch with issues and grill their candidates….

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Students at ACL’s Gap Week talk about their week in Canberra

ACL’s second annual Gap Week is on this week for young Christian students interested in understanding and engaging in public leadership from a Biblical perspective. ACL’s Nick Jensen, one of the programme’s facilitators, shares his thoughts about the week.

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How candidates in the Qld election are reaching out to Christians

Candidates at this month’s Queensland election are talking to Christians at Town Hall-style events. Here’s what some of them are saying……

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