1 May 2014


Three women in the United States who claim to be ‘married’ are expecting their first child together, a violation of the right of a child to be raised by both a mother and a father.

In light of this situation, ACL’s Managing Director Lyle Shelton discusses the implications of redefining marriage in his blog piece Following the ‘equal love’ logic.

Next week, Scripture Union Queensland will appear before the High Court a second time to defend the national school chaplaincy program.

In this week’s edition of the Political Spot, ACL’s Katherine Spackman speaks to CEO of Scripture Union Queensland Peter James about the challenge. 

You can also get involved by signing their statement of support for school chaplaincy. 

Micah Challenge has recently launched a campaign, ‘Shine the Light’, to expose tax dodging and corruption which is robbing poor nations of vital resources for development.

Find out how you can get involved in the campaign.  

Have a blessed week. 

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Following the ‘equal love’ logic

By Lyle Shelton, Managing Director

We were told it would not come to this but it’s looking more likely. In Massachusetts, the first State in the US to redefine marriage, three women have had a lawyer draw up an arrangement that in their eyes says they are ‘married’.

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Scripture Union Queensland’s Peter James discusses upcoming High Court challenge

Peter James is the CEO of Scripture Union Queensland. In this interview with ACL’s Katherine Spackman, he discusses the upcoming High Court Challenge into the National School Chaplaincy program.

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Woman’s Christian Temperance Union influence in women’s suffrage movement

In 1894, South Australia became the first place in the world to give women both the right to vote and to stand as candidates for election. In the months before the laws were passed, a petition with more than 11,000 signatures was lodged in parliament calling for the change. ACL’s Katherine Spackman recently spoke to curator Stephanie Pfennigwerth about the petition and the influence of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union.

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Tasmanian Upper House Elections – May 3

On May 3, around 40,000 Tasmanians will go back to the polls to elect two new members of the upper house. In early May each year two or three of the 15 members come up for re-election. This year the two seats to be contested are Huon and Rosevears, where Kerry Finch is recontesting after two terms.

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For Kids Sake Panel – What does the Carmody Report mean for Qld children?

The Australian Christian Lobby will be hosting a Q & A evening on Monday, May 26 in Brisbane. Items of discussion will include alcohol-fuelled violence and the Carmody Report, which aims to keep children safe. Panellists include the Hon Tracy Davis MP, chairman of Teen Challenge Dr David Hunt and many more.

Click here for more information and to register 


‘Shine the Light’ on tax dodging and corruption

Micah Challenge has recently launched a campaign to expose tax dodging and corruption which is robbing poor nations of vital resources for development. Micah Challenge is encouraging people to get on board with this campaign by uploading a ‘shine the light selfie’ to its campaign website and sending it to their politician.

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In the media – a wrap up of the last week’s commentary

In the last week, ACL has been quoted in the media on outdoor advertising in Queensland.

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For the diary – a selection of upcoming events

15 May – 2014 Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, QLD

18 May – Church Together 2014, TAS

26 May – Q&A Panel, For Kids Sake, QLD

29 – 31 May – Innovate Conference, VIC

31 May – National Day of Thanksgiving, nationwide

31 May – A Conversation with Senator Cory Bernardi, QLD

21 – 24 June – Conference, Voices For Justice, ACT


Thanks to Berwick Traditional Family Medical Service for its support

Berwick Traditional Family Medical Service is an Aged Care GP and Support Service visiting Residential Aged Care Facilities in the Casey and Cardinia area in Victoria. Berwick has been a generous supporter of ACL for many years. For more information or to progress a referral contact Dr. Rodney Stephenson rodstep@tpg.com.au

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