Watch Lyle debate Safe Schools and same-sex marriage on ABC’s Q&A program
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Safe Schools top priority on Q&A

Your advocacy has meant that politicians and parents continue to voice concerns about the so-called safe schools program, including Tasmanian and West Australian Education Ministers. Federal LNP MP George Christensen made headlines this week when he responded to your concerns, outlining the alarming connection between Safe Schools, Minus18 and pornographic and sexualised websites.

And thanks so much for your prayers and messages of support for Lyle as he appeared on ABC’s Q&A last night. Concerns about safe schools and same-sex marriage were discussed at length – The Australian newspaper this morning carried the headline, “Christian fed to Q&A ‘lions’”


Fearless – Eric Metaxas East Coast tour

Faith still has a role to play in public life. In these uncertain times we can draw hope and courage from the fearless conviction of Christian heroes who have been motivated by faith in God to shape their societies for good.

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Sydney’s giant pink condom a distasteful and inappropriate stunt, says ACL

The 18-metre giant pink condom placed onto a heritage listed monument in Sydney’s Hyde Park this week, is a distasteful and completely inappropriate stunt, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

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Safe Schools’ ‘intemperate’ language banned by Clerk of Queensland Parliament – but it’s ok for school

The language and content used by Safe Schools and its endorsed programs is so bad that an ACL petition which included words direct from Safe Schools-promoted material was rejected on Friday by the Queensland State Parliament.

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Revelations of Safe-Schools directing kids to age-inappropriate websites warrants program’s immediate suspension

News that extreme erotic material has been promoted by websites linked to by the Government-funded Safe Schools Coalition were disturbing and warranted the immediate suspension of the program in Australian schools.

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Top secular academics agree that porn particularly harms children

This week on the political spot, Wendy Francis, the ACL’s spokesperson for the dignity of women, recently attended the Porn Harm Kids Symposium in Sydney. Wendy joins Lyle Shelton to tell us the extent to which adult material is harming our children.

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ACL to host public viewing of KaChing! Pokie Nation in Tasmanian Parliament

Poker machines continue to wreak havoc in Tasmanians neediest communities. They are concentrated often in the poorest regions. Pokies suck up to $2m a month from some of Tasmania’s most disadvantaged suburbs – money that should have been spent on clothing, groceries and birthday presents.

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