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18 September 2014


I would like to invite you, and your church to consider joining with churches across Australia on November 2 for Solidarity Sunday.

What we are witnessing in Iraq and Syria is pure evil.

Extraordinary brutality demands an extraordinary response.

Solidarity Sunday is an important and unique opportunity for churches to unite in prayer and solidarity by devoting a small portion of the service to this. There are three aspects:

  1. Prayer and awareness
  2. Screening a short video (where possible) provided to you ahead of time
  3. Visual demonstration of solidarity through encouraging members to wear the T-Shirt with the Arabic letter N

It will also be an opportunity to for your church to raise awareness about persecution through your local media and social media.

If you would like your church to be a part of Solidarity Sunday simply forward this email to your priest, minister or pastor and ask them to consider joining in this important moment.

Click here to register for your church to participate on the day and to receive our Awareness Action Pack.

The Awareness Action Pack is an important resource to help you and your church maximise the reach of Solidarity Sunday through your local newspaper and social media.

I look forward to joining with you in prayer on November 2.

In Christ


Lyle Shelton
Managing Director
Australian Christian Lobby

Solidarity Sunday is endorsed and supported by the Anglican Archdiocese of Sydney・Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of Australia・New Zealand & the Philippines・Australian Christian Churches・Baptist Union of Australia・Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney・C3 Churches・Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Sydney & Affiliated Regions・Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions・International Network of Churches・Life Ministry Centre・Presbyterian Church of Australia・Salvation Army (Eastern Territory)・Seventh Day Adventist Church・Syrian Orthodox Church・Open Doors Australia・Barnabas Fund・Christian Faith and Freedom・Voice of the Martyrs, and Australian Christian Lobby.

Solidarity Sunday to raise awareness of the persecuted in Iraq & Syria

By Lyle Shelton

The outpouring of prayer, concern and practical help for suffering Christians in Iraq and Syria has been amazing.

But there is an opportunity to do more on a national scale.
A broad cross-section of churches is supporting Solidarity Sunday to be held onNovember 2 (Our Adventist friends will join on Saturday November 1).

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Our new TV show

This week the Australian Christian Channel showed the pilot episode of ACL’s new current affairs television show Matters of State.  This is an exciting development for ACL.

In this first episode we look at Sunday penalty rates, the new Senate, refugees, same-sex marriage, indigenous recognition and prostitution reform.

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Rhys Vallance on changing the abortion law in WA

By Daniel Simon

ACL WA Director Rhys Vallance has been running a campaign asking Health Minister Kim Hames to change the abortion law. Rhys talks to ACL’s Daniel Simon about why the law needs to change.

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EXCLUSIVE: Why support for abortion is in decline in Tasmania

By Daniel Simon

Paul O’Rourke is the CEO of Emily’s Voice, a group which hopes to inspire Australians to fall in love with the unborn. In this interview with ACL’s Daniel Simon, Paul talks about their campaigns, and in particular their work in Tasmania which has led to a 3% drop in support for abortion.

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Paul Green reflects on the legacy of the Reverend Fred Nile

By Daniel Simon

Paul Green is a Christian Democratic Party member of the Legislative Council in the NSW Parliament. In this interview he talks about faith, his journey into politics, and the CDP founder Reverend Fred Nile, who turned 80 this week.

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ACL National Conference –October 24th-25th

These are challenging times globally and domestically. Now more than ever, our voice is needed which is why you should consider attending ACL’s National Conference, Speak Up.

ACL is honoured to have the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon Bill Shorten, as our keynote speaker. He will join a stellar line-up of top quality speakers who will inspire us about our responsibility to bring justice and compassion into public policy.

Register today

Are you our next NSW Director?

We’re seeking a full-time New South Wales Director after our long-serving NSW Director has taken on a new role in the organisation.

The New South Wales Director is tasked with achieving political effectiveness for the ACL within the state of New South Wales. This involves political influence and lobbying, relationship building, building of public credibility, representing ACL to various parties, and establishing/maintaining a strong supporter and financial base.

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Medical trials yes, but no to self-medication of marijuana

The Australian Christian Lobby supports scientific trials of cannabis for medicinal purposes, but is concerned about a proposal to allow the possession and use of the dangerous drug without medical prescription.

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For the diary – a selection of upcoming events

23 September – 25 October – Public talks, Arda Aghazarian in Australia, All states

24-25 October – ACL National Conference, ACT

26-27 October – National Leader’s Prayer Breakfast, ACT

27 October – Theology @ the Pub, State Election Special, VIC

31 October – Conference, Freedom of Religion, QLD

2 November – Solidarity Sunday, All states 

14-16 November – Conference, Caring for the garden in a fallen world, NSW

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