The July 2 election will be a referendum on whether or not your children are taught radical gender theory.

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Your children’s future

by Lyle Shelton

The first week and a half of the election campaign has been relatively uninspiring.

With six-and-half weeks left to go, many Australians have already switched off.

But we simply can’t afford to do this.

July 2 will be a choice about whether or not the Government funds Safe Schools to teach your children that their gender is fluid.

It is a choice about whether or not marriage is redefined within 100 days, should Labor win and scrap the peoples’ vote.

In just over a week, more than 20,000 people just like you signed the petition to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten urging him to let us all have a say on marriage.

If you haven’t done so, please sign and pass it on to your friends.


Greens’ intolerance tramples freedom of belief

The Greens election promise to abolish protections for freedom of religion in federal anti-discrimination law was contrary to the principles of a free society and international law.

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Infant Viability Rally

Saturday 2pm, 21st May

Please join us on the steps of Parliament House Spring Street, East Melbourne.

Every life deserves a lifetime! Help us show our State Parliament that Victorians believe this!

Time for the rainbow lobby to drop the abuse and engage the issues

Yelling and screaming abuse, about 50 rainbow activists lined the narrow steps of the Scots’ Church in Melbourne’s Russell Street. Hundreds of people were forced to run a gauntlet of intimidating verbal bullying and physical jostling to attend a public lecture by New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas.

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QLD Police co-opted into Rainbow Politics

The Queensland police force has been informed through a memo from senior management that it will be endorsing the rainbow political agenda.

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New Galaxy Poll shows new QLD Abortion Bill ignores community sentiment

A Queensland opinion poll conducted recently uncovers deep concerns voters have with removing abortion safeguards as proposed by a new abortion bill before the Queensland Parliament.


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NSW: Same Sex Marriage info night, Belmore

7pm Saturday May 21

Greek Orthodox Church, Belmore

Featuring Dr Jennifer Roback Morse PhD, President of the Ruth Institute in the US who brings a unique voice to discussions of love, marriage, sexuality and the family, along with Dr David van Gend the President of the Australian Marriage Forum.

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Tonight: WA Walk and Rally for Life 2016

The WA Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Dahlia Messiha, encourages people to attend the annual WA Walk and Rally for Life, to be held TONIGHT May 17, 2016.

This year’s theme is seeking sanctuary for all, making WA a safer place for children and offering support and care to mothers who are left feeling abandoned and without any other options.

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