Australia is at a crossroads.
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Right now, Australia is at a crossroads.

What you and I do between now and when we vote on the future of marriage will shape the nation our children and grandchildren inherit.

Like me, you too may have been taken aback by the pressure and even intimidation to remain silent about what we value.

We are not alone in history in facing this. William Wilberforce and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, although from different eras, faced intense opposition to their campaigns against slavery and Nazism respectively.

They even faced opposition from their churches.

At such a time in Australia’s history, we at ACL wanted to do something to call all Christians to a higher level of courage.

That’s why we have invited Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer biographer Eric Metaxas. He is the author of several New York Times bestselling books, a radio host and is an inspiring communicator on current cultural and political issues.

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God bless,

Lyle Shelton
ACL Managing Director