The opponents of marriage are more interested in shutting down debate than raising an argument.

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17 March 2015


This week, ACL and our supporters have been met with a torrent of the most appalling slander on the issues of marriage and Safe Schools.

Homosexual activist, Rodney Croome, viciously attacked the Launceston City Council for voting down a bill that would have lent council support for same sex-marriage.

We’ve also been attacked for our opposition to the Safe Schools Program. ACL opposes all forms of bullying, but we have a problem with a program that tries to push a sexual agenda on our kids.

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The ACL Team


Dolce and Gabbana support traditional familes

Although gay themselves, fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana have come out defending timeless marriage.

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‘Safe Schools’ criticism

ACL has copped criticism over having a different opinion to the Safe Schools Program. We oppose bullying of any kind, not just of one group.

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No ‘open slather’ on medicinal marijuana

If there is any medicinal benefit to be found in cannabis without long-term effects, it should be available in a format similar to any other drug.

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End disrespect and intolerance on marriage in Launceston

Rodney Croome has again proven his will to pepper any criticism of the same-sex marriage argument with the worst kind of vile slander and vitriol.

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Counting down to the NSW election

ACL NSW Director Mark Makowiecki highlights some key issues of the NSW election.

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Medical marijuana – yes or no?

Should we legalise marijuana? Dr Greg Pike says that while there may be medical benefits from marijuana, there are also many risks, and governments should tread carefully before acting…

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Take action on television standards

There’s still time to help protect our kids tv screens.

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Katoomba Easter Convention

Katoomba Easter Convention offers you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy time together in the Blue Mountains with family and friends, away from life’s busyness, to listen to God. We want to refresh, strengthen and encourage every member of your family.

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