Three courses to help you discover God’s plan for you
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Campaign HQ 2016

1 week to help launch your life – 3-8 July 2016

Join us at Campaign Headquarters for a life-transforming week as we look at how to make a real difference through your life’s work.

Lots of people have tried to change the world.  A few people have.

If you want to make a difference, you’re going to need a plan.


LMI 2016

A postgrad intensive into how God’s message impacts Australian society – 21 Aug to 25 Nov

Is a 14 week live-in intensive for future leaders in public life.

This formational course develops a wide range of attributes around faith and policy including academia, community, work experience, mentoring, public relations – all of which are described in further detail below.


Pastor’s Short course

An invitation to your pastor – 26-28 July 2016.

This professional development course is designed to help pastors in their role as community leaders

Could you please have a quick read, and if you think this is something that might benefit your church and your pastor, could you please pray about forwarding it on?