This is another sad story about the consequences of commercial surrogacy

Australian Christian Lobby




14 April 2015




Why surrogacy is messy for mum & kids

A NSW couple were inconvenienced when their surrogate mother conceived twins instead of a single girl.

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Adoption and the best interests of children

The complementary roles of mothers and fathers are important for children. Adoption policy should provide a mother and father to a child wherever possible.

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Non-violent rape is a myth

A Queensland judge’s suggestion that some forms of rape are not violent has been questioned by the Australian Christian Lobby.

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The Brittish PM’s faith

David Cameron’s Easter message to the United Kingdom: The church is not just a collection of beautiful old buildings. It is a living, active force doing great works right across the country.

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Wendy Francis writes to Judge on rape case

ACL Queensland Director Wendy Francis outlines problems with Judge Rackeman’s comments in the recent Ipswich child rape case.

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Marriage as a weapon against child abuse & poverty? There’s a novel thought

Lyle discusses family dysfunction and it’s contribution to youth problems.

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Meet others against euthanasia

2015 Hope International Symposium

Join us for an event not to be missed featuring a dynamic mix of local and international speakers covering a wide range of topics all designed to help build our opposition to euthanasia & assisted suicide.