Kaching! Trailer - Docvumentary on poker machine addiction

Kaching! – The pokies play you


For the first time, industry insiders go on the record to explain how these sophisticated machines combine graphics and musical elements with complex mathematical algorithms to keep punters hooked. Hear from game designers, mathematicians and composers who’ve designed hundreds of machines, as they break the silence around this highly secretive industry.

ABC TV – October 20, 2015 at 9:30pm – 10:30pm

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ACL welcomes bill to stop painful deaths in the womb

A DLP sponsored Bill to roll back Victoria’s permissive and inhumane abortion laws was announced today to the great relief of many pro-lifers.

See how this would be a win for the unborn


Lyle Shelton explains why Safe Schools is harmful

Lyle Shelton explains why the Australian Christian Lobby is calling for the so-called “Safe Schools” anti-bullying program to be withdrawn.

Hear what he said


How the same-sex marriage lobby is wasting state parliament’s time

Tassy Greens’ new motion for parliament to support same-sex marriage is a costly waste of time.



Calls to ban Christian groups in the wake of Islamist terror are misguided 

Calls to ban Christian prayer groups and chaplains from government schools in the wake the Islamist-inspired terrorist killing of Parramatta police finance worker Curtis Cheng are a knee-jerk reaction and risk throwing the baby out with the bath water.

See why it’s bizarre that Christian groups should be attacked in the wake of Islamist terror


We’re still ‘waiting’ for degrading billboard to go 

It’s still there! The sexually exploitative billboard in Townsville still remains even after the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) confirmed a breach of guidelines.

See how long we’ve been waiting for the ASB to uphold its own rules


Does having a Pro-life positiion in your mind create discord in the community?

Abortion protesters are seen as the lowest common-denominator in secular public opinion, but what are they really like and why to they do it?

Hear what pro-life protesters really get up to


“What threats to freedom?”

Recently, some federal and state laws have impacted upon freedoms like freedom of speech, religion, association and more, and for this reason two round tables have been convened by the Australian Law Reform Commission and the Human Rights Commission.

Hear how anti-discrimination laws are edging-out religious freedom laws