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Thanks for making 2016 a success

This is my last blog for 2016. I’ll be on leave from Wednesday.

I want to thank you for supporting the ACL Team and me as we have sought to continue to bring Christian virtues to politics and the public square.


Cape Town Declaration on marriage signals start of a global fight back

A global movement to preserve and reclaim the definition of marriage was launched in Cape Town, South Africa, on the weekend.

Why parliamentarians rejected gender change laws

The ACL has welcomed the defeat of the Andrews Government’s Births, Deaths & Marriages Registration Amendment Bill in the Victorian Upper House.

Allowing RU486 is not ‘modernising’

The recently elected Northern Territory Labor Government need to consider the detrimental ramifications to women’s health of removing all abortion safeguards.

Down Syndrome children speak out against termination efforts

ACL’s Wendy Francis recently wrote a piece for Online Opinion about how France is banning smiling babies and Australia may well be too.

State parliament passes raft of unethical bills

Last week, a raft of ideologically-motivated rainbow legislation passed the South Australian Upper House in a pre-Christmas blitz on human dignity.

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