Millie Fontana is an unlikely friend in the marriage debate

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The other side of the rainbow

Amid the politics of Labor blocking the people’s vote on marriage, a remarkable young woman was doing the rounds at Parliament House in Canberra telling her story.


Character matters

ACL spokesperson for the dignity of women, Wendy Francis, said society’s outcry against Donald Trump’s latest behaviour was long overdue.

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Unborn babies find friends on Spring Street

Melbourne witnessed an unprecedented display of unity & colour in support of the unborn on Spring Street on Saturday.

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Take action: ‘biology not ideology’ in Vic birth certificates

The Victorian Government wants to introduce law that means a person can change their “sex” on their birth certificate just by stating that they now ‘identify’ as the opposite sex.

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Is abortion the only answer for pregnant minors?

Safeguards in place to protect pregnant minors need community support according to the ACL.

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Millie Fontana is a donor conceived daughter of lesbian parents who believes the same sex marriage debate ignores the plight of children like her.

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Discrimination double standards

Why is it okay for a printer to say ‘no’ to a book defending marriage, yet, if same-sex marriage is passed, wedding service providers with conscientious objection may be forced to comply?

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Labor seeking election mandate to teach queer theory to kids

The ACT Labor Party has committed to discarding Safe Schools reforms recommended by the Commonwealth review into the controversial program.

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Give parents the right to say ‘no’ to ‘Safe Schools’ gender theory

In Victoria, by making ‘Safe Schools’ compulsory in state high schools, the Premier is denying parents their right to have a say about their kid’s education.  Parents should have a right to say no to this material.

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Take action: Victorian Government attacks religious schools and churches

Daniel Andrews is trying to undo one of the most important wins for religious freedom of the past decade.His legisation will be the end of Christian schooling as we know it. 

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