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11 February 2015



Scripture tells us to pray for our leaders and for those in authority…

That message is still so profoundly relevant today in Australia.

Let’s continue to pray for our politicians in these uncertain times.

God bless


The ACL Team



Politics spills from church to the hill as PM hangs on

It seems our politicians have failed to learn from the recent past.

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Victorian Government urged to act in best interests of the child in adoption

“Men and women complement each other in their parenting roles to the benefit of children.” Same sex adoption must not come to Victoria

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Think deeper on three-parent babies

Long-term damage ‘Impossible’ to determine. Three-parent babies must never come to Australia

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Christian Faith and Freedom Conference 2015

‘Stand Firm for Freedom – the Call for Courage’

Interested in Christian persecution around the globe? Get some fascinating insights from experts in the field.

  • Rev Dr Mark Durie;
  • Elizabeth Kendal A.Mus.A; B.Ed (Mus), D.Min (honorary);
  • Asif Mall MA;
  • Andrea Tokaji DipTh. JD LLM; and
  • Dr Roy Barton.

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