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11 December 2014


Another horrific baby abandonment was discovered in Sydney this week, we discuss “Baby Safe Havens” below.

In light of falling numbers of adoption over the last 40 years, we look at the causes, the process and how it can be improved. 

We congratulate Kmart in joining Target in boycotting the violent Grand Theft Auto V video game.

God bless

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Applications open for ACL’s 2015 Gap Week

Gap week is for Christian young people with an interest in politics, cultural engagement or public life.

If you are considering the Lachlan Macquarie Internship, or a future in politics, policy, media, law,or a similar field, then Gap Week is a perfect opportunity for you.

The program focuses on developing the knowledge, skills, networks, character and foundations needed to bring Christ into these fields and make a lasting impact. It involves instruction from top thinkers and leaders, and community with like-minded believers.

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VIC Election: The Dust is Settling

With the Victorian election now finished, we have some serious work to do in 2015. ACL will continue to campaign for school’s rights to employ according to their faith, and work towards doctors being able to practice medicine in accordance with their conscience. We need your prayers and support for what promises to be a big year. Read more


“Baby Safe Havens” and baby abandonment

Two tragic cases from Sydney in the last two weeks have renewed calls from some to introduce “baby safe havens” in Australia.

Versions of this system are used throughout Europe and North America, allowing mothers who are unable to care for their newborn children to leave them in a”baby hatch” … Read more

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Why adoption needs a rethink

Adoption in Australia has fallen nearly 97 per cent in the last four decades, from nearly 10,000 adoptions in 1972 to just 339 in 2012-13.

A new report titled Adoption Rethink from Women’s Forum Australia examines some of the reasons … Read more

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Developing leaders in public policy

If you are a postgraduate Christian and considering a career in public policy, law, media or politics, then the Lachlan Macquarie Internship will provide you the intellectual foundation, essential networks, and formative vision required to effectively engage faith and culture.

The course is a 3-month intensive, living in academic community with a range of top lecturers and dinners with prominent Australians.  Scholarships are provided for all successful applicants, and positions are now open for the Autumn 2015 intake.

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Government to increase refugee intake

Last week Minister for Immigration Scott Morrison announced that Australia would increase its humanitarian intake as part of a number of amendments to the Migration Act… Read more

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UPDATE: Kmart joins a growing list of retailers to pull GTA V

Following intense public pressure, Kmart has joined Target in removing Grand Theft Auto V from sale… Read more