The Launceston City Council tried to pass a motion to support same-sex marriage, and thanks to our supporters it failed.

Australian Christian Lobby




10 March 2015


Today we had another great win for our constituents in Tasmania.

The Launceston council was attempting to pass a motion that would lend its support to the same-sex marriage cause.

This was done in an underhanded way, with no public consultation whatsoever. Luckily, the ACL and our constituents found out and participated in a relentless email and phone campaign.

As a result, the motion was dismissed 8-3. Well done to all our supporters. This was one small step in keeping marriage timeless. 

God bless

The ACL Team



“Same-Sex Marriage” motion rejected by council

The Launceston City Council tried to pass a motion to support same-sex marriage. Our constituents were there to make sure it didn’t happen.

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